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Offshore Mortgages

It is not only savings that are offered by offshore banks and building societies. Some also offer mortgages directed to those wishing to:

1 Buy a property outside the UK
2 Raise a mortgage in pounds sterling, or another currency other, to buy UK property

1. Buy a property outside the UK

Offering perhaps the widest range of services is Lloyd TSB International. They offer mortgages for property in 11 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, UK, US, Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand; but only in Hong Kong and Singapore if you wish to live in it! The currency should match that of the mortgage, or the buyer's income.

Other lenders offering mortgages in specific countries

Channel Islands

Co-operative Bank
RBS international
Skipton Building Society


Nordea Private Bank, Switzerland

Isle of Man

Barclays Wealth
RBS International


Clydesdale Bank International, Gibraltar
Leeds Building Society, Gibraltar
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Gibraltar
Newcastle Building Society, Gibraltar
Nordea Private Bank, Switzerland

2. Mortgages for UK purchases

Barclays Wealth
Natwest International offers mortgages in US Dollars, Euros, Yen and Swiss Francs
Nordea Private Bank, Switzerland
RBS International
Standard Chartered, Jersey - rented property

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