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Banks covered by the Irish Government guarantee until 29 September 2010.


Following Ministerial Orders made on 24 October and 5 November 2008, the following credit institutions and subsidiaries are ‘covered institutions’ for the purposes the Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Scheme 2008:

  • Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. and its subsidiaries AIB Mortgage Bank, AIB Bank (CI) Limited, AIB Group (UK) plc and Allied Irish Banks North America Inc.;
  • Anglo Irish Bank Corporation plc and its subsidiary Anglo Irish Bank Corporation (International) plc;
  • The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland and its subsidiaries Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank, ICS Building Society and Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited
  • EBS Building Society and its subsidary EBS Mortgage Finance
  • Irish Life & Permanent plc and its subsidiary Irish Permanent (IOM) Limited
  • Irish Nationwide Building Society and its subsidiary Irish Nationwide (I.O.M.) Limited
  • Postbank Ireland Limited.


Covered liabilities


The following liabilities are covered by the Scheme

  • All retail and corporate deposits (to the extent not covered by existing deposit protection schemes in Ireland or any other jurisdiction
  • Interbank deposits
  • Senior unsecured debt
  • Covered bonds (including asset covered securities)
  • Dated subordinated debt (Lower Tier 2)

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